More than a place to shop

Olympus Hills Shopping Center

Welcome to Olympus Hills!

Home to some of the best local businesses, the Olympus Hills Shopping Center is striving to be your shopping center.   Locally owned and managed since 1967, we have always worked to support the community.  We encourage healthy living by sponsoring events such as the Cold Turkey Run onThanksgiving morning, the Crack of Dawn 8K, the State Capital Half Marathon, and the Millcreek Venture Outdoor Festival(not to mention the workout everyone gets when they walk up the parking lot).   We are trying to be green, in 2010 we  reduced the energy consumption of the center by 50%.  The businesses at Olympus Hills participate in a robust recycling program and have dramatically decreased the amount of garbage sent to the landfill.

We are proud of the business owners at Olympus Hills and the hard work they put in to providing you with the products and services that help you lead a healthy, active, fun and fulfilling life. Please take time to get to know each of the business at Olympus Hills. We are confident that the better you know them the more you will like them.

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